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This advanced couples workshop will allow you to hone the skills you’ve already learned and to deepen the insights you have gained. It will help you to become more aware of your relationship patterns and help you to connect more deeply with your partner. You will learn about your unconscious blocks your own Shadow – the Lost Self , the Denied Self  and the Disowned Potential self. Hands-on exercises to access these “Selves” will be demonstrated and practiced.
By the end of the weekend you will have a reasonable, achievable plan for your own future growth. You will also learn how to implement this in your relationship.
Participating in this Workshop is your opportunity to continue the growth you so courageously began in the original “Getting the Love You Want Workshop”. The self-awareness you will gain and the ability to communicate it will allow you to
understand how you can help one another through the blocks that keep you from enjoying the relationship of your dreams.

Our next Advance Couples Workshop:  TBA.


If you need more information please contact my assistant Yvonne Singer at 416-921-8688 or by email at:

yvonne@maureenbrine.com   or simply register on our web-site.