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Imago Recovering Couples Therapy: Imago Couples Therapy is the single most effective tool for Couples in Recovery. It is essential that couples attain the necessary skills in recovery as soon as possible to help them re-connect. Research has shown that couples, who do so, greatly enhance their chances of actually maintaining long-term recovery.

Traditionally, couples get very little assistance in the first year of recovery with their relational issues as the focus needs to be on recovery. However their daily lives and issues remain. We believe if relational issues are not tended to and relational disconnects are not remedied they will most definitely lead to relapse. Imago Relationship Therapy offers Couples the necessary skills.

Our team here is lead by Maureen Brine who is an internationally certified alcohol and drug counselor (ICADC) for over 35 years, Maureen is also a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (Csat). She continues to enjoy working with recovering couples. She is well known for her work across the country in the addictions field. She has co-created the Help, Hope, and Healing: Getting the Love You Want Workshop specifically for Recovering Couples

Recovering Our Connection - A Getting the Love You Want Workshop for Recovering Couples: This brand new workshop will be launched in the spring of 2011. It has been specifically designed for Couples in all stages of recovery. Modeled after the very successful Getting the Love You Want Workshop, this will quickly give you the skills necessary to enhance your recovery.

Dates:  TBA

To register please contact Yvonne at 416-921-8688 or yvonne@maureenbrine.com

Intervention Services:
We provide services for Families who are concerned about a loved one who is addicted to alcohol, drugs, food, gambling and/or sex. Interventions are concerned people responding (CPR). They are a deliberate process by which change is introduced into the addicted persons thoughts, feelings and behaviours with the goal of getting them to the treatment they so badly need.
A formal intervention usually involves several people preparing themselves, approaching a person involved in self-destructive behaviours with an interventionist present, and talking to the person in a clear, respectful and even loving way about the behaviours in question with the immediate objectives of getting the person to listen and to accept help.
Moments like these are often turning points which constructively impact the person’s use of addictive behaviours and substances. An intervention also presents them with a plan of action. The overall objective of an intervention is to begin to relieve the suffering caused by self-destructive behaviours - the suffering of the person engaged in it and the suffering of family and friends.
Interventions are really gifts of love. They need to and deserve to be well done. We will provide a full service program from preparation of the Intervention Team, through Intervening and arranging treatment and follow up counselling.
Please feel free to call if you have questions or would like to arrange a preliminary appointment.  Recommended reading: Love First: Jeff & Debra Jay