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Relationship Education Training and Services:
Certified Community Educator

Maureen is pleased to now be offering educational training programs for professionals and non-therapists

In 1988, Harville Hendrix and his partner, Helen LaKelly Hunt, published Getting the Love You Want, a book that established Imago as a leader in the field of Relationship Education.

Since then, Getting the Love You Want has sold more than two million copies and has helped hundreds of thousands of couples develop a more committed and passionate relationship.

As Imago has continued to evolve as both a theory and a method for developing
relational skills, its application to community, organizational, and educational
settings – in addition to romantic relationships – has flourished.

Several of Imago’s existing educational programs are offered by professional
therapists; however, we believe that many people have the ability and inspiration to help other couples by providing relationship education. The courses described below are customized to meet the training needs of various lay and professional groups. They are designed to apply the Imago perspective on human relationships to a vast number of organizational and cultural contexts.

Certified Imago Community Educator
210A: Certified Imago Community Educator
The Certified Imago Educator Program enables individuals who are passionate
about relationship education to present Imago-based seminars to couples and
groups within their respective communities. Imago Educators will be trained over a four-day period in the fundamentals of Imago Relationship Theory and develop their presentation skills and marketing techniques in order to present these seminars in community centers, churches, synagogues, schools, and other institutions.

Who is the Imago Community Educator Training for?
Imago Community Educator training is designed for those who wish to present
educational seminars that equip people with the skills they need to build a stronger relationship. Some couples seek intensive, individualized help, such as therapy or counseling, to apply these skills to problems and issues they are struggling with in their relationship. In such cases, we believe that Certified Imago Therapists have the best skills and training to work closely with these couples around specific issues. However, Imago education programs may also be a helpful component in many couples’ journeys.

Imago Community Educator Training is suitable for a wide range of people seeking to help others in their community by presenting educational seminars.

Imago Community Educator Training is appropriate for:
  • Couples who attended “Getting the Love You Want” weekend workshops
    and other Imago programs
  • Ministers, pastors, and faith-based leaders
  • Teachers
  • Public health nurses
  • Community agency staff members
  • Non-Imago-Certified counselors and therapists who wish to provide
    education programs in addition to their therapy services
  • Retirees who wish to serve their community
  • School and college counselors and Employee Assistance counselors

We also welcome those interested in deepening their general knowledge of Imago Relationship Therapy for general use, including:

  • Lawyers
  • Physicians and other healthcare professionals
  • Family advisors in legal and financial fields
  • Professional divorce mediators
  • Counselors – in nutrition, school, childhood development, and other areas
  • Couples interested in self growth without a specific application in mind
The Imago Community Educator training program is also open to those who would like to study Imago Relationship Theory in greater depth, and perhaps learn how to apply it to their own lives.

 Pre-Requisites for Enrolling in the Course:
Attendance or assisting at a “Getting The Love You Want” Weekend Workshop for Couples or a “Keeping The Love You Find” Weekend Workshop for Singles. Send a resume and two letters of reference to us. You can find a list of upcoming workshops in your area here:
Our Workshops

Pre-Registration Requirements:
You may register online for these courses here:

Or contact us for further information