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Resources - Top Ten Imago Love Tips

Top Ten Imago Love Tips

  1. Bring some romance back into your relationship. On a regular basis, add 1% more romance than you currently have; it will make a huge difference over time.
  2. Your Partner holds the blueprint for your ongoing growth. The ways in which your Partner needs you to change is exactly what you need to grow into in order to be a more complete person. Stretch in the direction of meeting your partners’ needs.
  3. Make love, not war! There is something to this old adage. Stop all fighting and replace all reactivity with intentionality.
  4. Stop all negativity, criticism and blame. Just this step alone will change your relationship dramatically.
  5. Dialogue your way to a better relationship. Go to a ”Getting the Love You Want” Workshop or read the book to learn the Intentional Couples Dialogue.
  6. Be the partner your partner wants you to be!
  7. If you spot it you got it! If you think your partner is controlling…say hello to your own controlling self. If you think they are angry, say hello to the angry person in you. Your partner is a mirror for the denied parts of yourself
  8. Take ownership for your 50% of what is not working in your relationship. That way you can begin to change your contributions and as a result the relationship will change.
  9. Create a Relationship Vision together. Have a relationship by design rather than happenstance (Exercise is in Getting the Love You Want). Energy follows attention. The minute you begin to create the vision you will move towards it. Write it as if you are living it now.
  10. Know that Love is a decision. We chose to give it and we chose to
    take it away. We can also change that position at any time so why not chose Love today?

Maureen Brine, Certified Clinical Instructor & Workshop Presenter