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Imago Relationship Therapy  Clinical Training Program
Certification Program for Therapists
“Imago Virtual Training in Iran”,

Thank you for your interest in the Imago Relationship Therapy Clinical Training Program. I am excited to be offering training twice yearly. To minimize time away from your office, the course will usually be offered in three separate Wednesday to Saturday sessions in Toronto.

I am pleased you are considering participating in this program. I know from my own experience, and that of others, that the training will greatly benefit your work with couples. My practice and the way that I do couples' therapy have changed considerably since completing the training in the early 90's.

I think that my training as an Imago Relationship Therapist has given me the most effective, efficient and valuable tools for working with couples. I had all but given up working with couples prior to my Imago Training. Now I actually feel excited and energized. I see a range from steady to dramatic progress in those who are committed to using the processes learned in the sessions.

I love the concept of counselling and educating couples. This allows them to facilitate their own growth, rather than triangulating with me, either as a solution giver, insight maker, problem solver or referee. What a relief to be free of that burden! The Imago approach that I bring to couples is so much more beneficial and respectful than anything I knew to do before. I think I have studied just about every other modality!

The training is open to therapists who have the desire to learn the theory and skills packaged so brilliantly by Harville Hendrix Ph.D. in his book, "Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples.'' The Clinical Track is for interested mental health professionals who possess a mental health graduate degree.

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Online Imago Clinical Training in English, Sponsored by Dr. Ali Ghasemian from Iran. Therapists worldwide welcome

Imago Clinical Training 2023


Module I Part 1: TBA

                 Part 2: TBA


Module II Part 1: TBA

                   Part 2: TBA


Module III Part 1: TBA

                    Part 2: TBA